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Local Coastal Studios - Gyotaku Fish Rubbings

Local Coastal Studio is a collaboration of two artists, Jody Rankin and Ed Morris, who call the South Carolina Low Country home. Brought together by their passion for fishing, marine conservation and family, both Jody and Ed use their art method to convey their love of the great big blue
The process used by both artists is known as the direct method of fish rubbings, which is considered more traditional. Variation between artist pieces occurs in the species each artist works with as well as the way each species is portrayed. Live caught fish are used to create beautiful rubbings (Gyotaku) as well as a source of food. The non-toxic paint used in the rubbings allows the catch to be recorded, cleaned and than used as a food source afterwards. How great is that.... a great memory and a great meal. For species that we would not normally eat or that are protected, Moku Hanga is used, in which a very ancient carving process is used to recreate the species and than a similar process to Gyotaku is performed. We work with many types of media ranging from traditional canvas to more elaborate media such as bamboo, tree bark and plant fibers. It is our hope that each rubbing inspires others to appreciate the great wonders of our oceans as well as allow us to support nonprofit conservation programs such as the Cape Island Loggerhead Sea Turtle Program. 



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