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John Witzel Walters is a self-taught artist from South Carolina, who uses acrylics to evoke thought and emotion through his dramatic art that takes colorful-risks. Witzel’s art has been influenced by the eccentric life he has led, surviving both a ship sinking while working as a scuba diver in the Caribbean, and the Georgetown Front Street Fire of 2013, where he lost his home, art business, and beloved dog in the flames.
Witzel uses his passion to create lasting, impressionable images of the beauty he experiences in the natural world. The textures, vibrant colors and flow of the shapes reflected in his whimsical art are inspired from his love of everything nature, keeping in touch with the shabby chic essence of the beach. Witzel is known for his signature wet, glossy finish which diffuses light, allowing the eye to see more color, adding an extra dimension to his art that brings it to life.



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