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Parting", they say, "is such sweet sorrow". The Night Market bids a fond farewell to Will Schutze. It's been sweet knowing him and we're sorrow to see him go.

Will, an incredibly talented puppeteer, has endeared himself to, and entertained, thousands of Night Market shoppers with his lively, clever and humorous puppet shows. When his cast of characters come alive on his little, soap-box stage, it's pure magic. Children squeal with delight. Adults break out their cameras. And everyone breaks out in huge smiles.

After a 4 year stretch, Will's final performance will be Friday, June 16th, in the Night Market's Anson Square. In honor of his talent and in gratitude for his dedication to the Market, it will be "Will Schutze Night". An area will be set up for children to make their very own hand puppet with the hope that their new puppets will bring as much joy to them as Will has brought to us.

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